Artist and educator

Roz Hall (MA, FHEA) is a UK-based artist, specialising in portraiture using traditional mediums and on tablet and mobile devices. Utilising consumer technologies, such as the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface, his artworks blur the boundaries between contemporary art and personal and social media.

As an advocate for the Mobile Digital Art movement, he speaks at events, runs practical workshops and writes about the progressive medium. He has taught digital painting at Tate Britain, V&A London and the Covent Garden Apple Store, celebrating the creative possibilities of, what is affectionately known as, finger-painting.

His digital paintings have been exhibited across the globe in a number of exhibitions including The 2012 Lumen Prize and with Apple’s Start Something New campaign. He’s been published in MacUser, PAGE, Cult of Mac magazine, iCreate, CANVAS, /NEXT magazine, ETC Magazine, Madame Figaro, Artists & Illustrators, Financial Times and The Independent.

Roz is a Masters graduate from the University of Chichester, where his video and web-based work investigated the psychology behind the artists’ self-portrait, and the elusive self, culminating in the Matters Arising exhibition in 2014.

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