Tag: portraitpainting

  • Self portrait in lockdown (2020)

  • Spotlight – Lockdown Madonna (2020)

    During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, frontline staff were still required to go to work to keep the country running, and risking their own safety. This portrait is of an NHS frontline worker, who was working directly with Covid-19 patients.

  • Portrait of the artist’s father (2019)

    This portrait was created over a period of 5 weeks using charcoals and pastel pencils.

  • Mobile Digital Art Exhibition

    Pacific Art League – Palo Alto, CaliforniaJuly 2013 The Mobile Art Academy in partnership with the Pacific Art League is presenting its first ever Mobile Art Exhibition. Its purpose is to represent mobile artists who specialise in using different mobile devices and apps and bring their work together under one roof.  Thus, art created on any mobile…

  • The Lumen Prize Exhibition

    Europe & AsiaJanuary – March 2013 The Lumen Prize Exhibition is the world’s first international prize and tour celebrating the very best fine art created digitally. Comprising of 50 pieces chosen by judges and the publicly voted People’s Choice winner, the global tour begins in January in London before travelling around top galleries and venues…