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  • Girl with a gold pendant (2023)

    Girl with a gold pendant (2023)

    My first finished piece for 2023 was inspired by a photograph used on the cover of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Credited as a photographic portrait of Julie Manet, 1894, I loved the lighting, mood and composition! My portrait, measuring 28x41cm, was created using charcoal, pastel and gold leaf on paper.

  • Blood Roots (2022)

    Blood Roots (2022)

    I was asked to create a cover/poster for a local flower show. I’m not entirely sure this is what they had in mind, but I enjoyed myself. Maybe they were after something a little more “village craft fair”… 2D digital composition created in Procreate on iPad Limited edition of 10 available on Opensea

  • Self Portrait in the Red

    Self Portrait in the Red

    I try to paint a self-portrait every year, and as 2022 was quickly slipping away, I thought I’d better get a move on. Painted in 3 hours on my old iPad Pro (gen 2) using Procreate (acrylic brush).

  • STaTiONS collection

    STaTiONS collection

    A collection of 1/1 digital collages, hand-painted in Procreate on iPad, using AI assets generated by ArtBreeder’s Collage beta Even though my artwork is very formal in appearance, the creation process is largely based around embracing chance, accident and chaos. This element usually comes from doodling or photography (specifically stills from videos), but for this…

  • Apple NFTs

    My Apple “Start Something New” portrait series is available on Opensea Back in 2015, Apple commissioned me to produce a series of paintings on their iPad Air 2. These portraits were to be exhibited on their website and in Apple Stores around the world, along with artwork by 12 other international artists. Produced using Procreate,…

  • #IWD2022

    This 1/1 NFT has been created to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022. It is available on Opensea More of my NFTs can be seen in my NFT gallery

  • Portrait of two sisters (2020)

    This is my #NHSheroes commission. I put out an invitation to local #NHS workers, and received a requests from a couple (both doctors) to complete a portrait of their daughters. Charcoal, conte, and gold leaf on paper

  • Self portrait in lockdown (2020)

  • Spotlight – Lockdown Madonna (2020)

    During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, frontline staff were still required to go to work to keep the country running, and risking their own safety. This portrait is of an NHS frontline worker, who was working directly with Covid-19 patients.

  • An evening drawing my mother

    I’ve made a start on a new portrait on self identity. This one is a charcoal portrait of my mother, to go alongside the portrait of my father.

  • Pop-up exhibition

    A group of Chichester-based artists took over a derelict building in the city center to display their artwork, days before it was due to be redeveloped. 26 artists, many of whom are students and graduates from the University of Chichester, displayed a variety of contemporary pieces ranging from paintings and drawings to sculptures and installations.…

  • Drawing feet