IMMINENT exhibition information

Otter Gallery, Chichester, UK
16 May – 20 June 2014

This exhibition features the diverse and eclectic work of students approaching the completion of their Masters level Fine Art studies at the University of Chichester.

The exhibition llustrates how the students have used the manipulation of materials and the honing of techniques to demonstrate their conceptual ideas and how they recognise and respond to key phases of development within their work.

In revealing how material practice and critical awareness are used to focus ideas, Imminent gives a fascinating insight into how each student has developed a practical research methodology that locates, questions and refines their individual interests.

The artists taking part are Sophia Alexander-James, Sue Gardner, Roz Hall, Linda Nevill, Julia Margaron Oak, Alison Stewart, Kimberley Thompson and Tanya Wood. They work in diverse media including drawing, textiles, painting, video, sculpture, collage and installation.

Roz standing in a gallery

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