The Lumen Prize Exhibition

Europe & Asia
January – March 2013

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is the world’s first international prize and tour celebrating the very best fine art created digitally. Comprising of 50 pieces chosen by judges and the publicly voted People’s Choice winner, the global tour begins in January in London before travelling around top galleries and venues around the world. Work will be displayed on large-scale screens, PCs, tablets, smartphones and high-definition projectors.

Participating galleries and venues include Gallery 27, Cork Street, London; Plum Blossoms, Hong Kong; FQ Projects, Shanghai; Robert’s Books, Riga, Latvia as well as a central location in Cardiff, Wales.

Our dates:

January 22-26, 2013: London, Gallery 27, Cork Street
February 7-10, 2013: Latvia, Robert’s Books
February 23 – March 3, 2013: Shanghai, FQ Projects
April 11 – July 2, 2013: Canary Wharf, The Financial Conduct Authority
April 25, 2013: Hong Kong, The Space
March, 2013: Llangesty, Wales, Trebrfydd House

Visit the Lumen Prize website for more details:

Red Beard (2012)

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