Autodesk Open Exhibition

One Market, San Francisco, California
May 2011

In May 2011, The Autodesk Gallery hosted a private reception for the Digital Canvas exhibition. With over 100 guests, including contributing artists, guests and local media, the exhibit was unveiled in a highly intimate and social setting.

The Collection: Curated by Susan Murtaugh, the exhibit’s aim was to celebrate the diversity and creativity of digital art.

“The ‘day job’ diversity of our 82 artists is astounding.”, said Susan in her opening remarks, “Starting with a fourth grade student, university students and professors, a public health worker, lawyer, aerospace technician, general contractor, a farmer, a real estate broker, a couple of architects, a journalist, goldsmith, an obstetrician and surgeon. Not to mention professional illustrators, animators, designers and directors.”

For this exhibition I entered two paintings that I had done as a practise for the Sketchbook Pro app and was delighted that I was selected to be exhibited alongside seasoned professionals.

iPad painting of an alien grey head

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